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It's very confusing and frustrating. I want to remove a property from my account. It's not my Property, I was given access. The help text keeps referring to a Property Settings tab, which I cannot see anywhere. I cannot see a way to remove this account. Grrrrr ....

Geoff Harper

Hi Tony - That IS frustrating. Since you are set up as a "User" for the web property in question, you will need to contact someone who is set up as an administrator for the property to have them remove your access (only an admin can view the "Property Settings" tab). Once this is done, you should not see the property listed in your Accounts list anymore.


I'm still confused. When I log into my Webmaster account, I still see two oddly named Analytics Web Properties that say they are not linked to any site in my Webmaster Tools account (which is correct) yet I can't seem to find any way to delete these two oddball properties. I can't find these property names anywhere in my Google Analytics account either. So why do I want to delete them? Well maybe a touch of OCD. :)


Thank you, that worked perfectly! I was looking all over the place to figure out how to remove a property from a Google Analytics account. It was making me crazy!


Same as above - this tip worked perfectly! Thanks!

Bill Hubert

This is going to be very useful for me thank you very much for posting


It is odd that this is so difficult to both find out and do. I couldn't find it inside Analytics itself.

Bryan @ CNA Training

This is great. Been looking all over for this. Google analytic is confusing but now I understand. Thank you.


Thanks so much, spent ages trying to figure out how to do this!

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