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JackVan Zandt

Just go to System Utilities, Trackpad and uncheck the check box at the top. Return to earth.

Larry King

Jack- I understand that you can switch back via system settings, but I don't want to. I think having the gesture map to the page you are moving makes more sense than having the gesture manipulate the scroll bar. It makes it consistent across the tablet and touchpad input devices. My point is, maybe I could live without the scrollbar all together now? If I'm not using a mouse anymore, do I really need it?

Remy van Bergen

Hi Larry,
I partly agree. I also find it irritating this bar moves the other way, but one reason for a scrollbar is so that you can see how large the document is and where you are in the document. I don't see an other way to do this, or to make this go the other way.

Larry King

After a few months of using Lion, I don't even notice the scrollbars anymore.

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