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I think this is not complete post.. are you planning to add more details to it.

Brandon Anderson

Sandeep, you're right. Looks like my HTML was stripped out by Typepad. Sorry I didn't realize that sooner. I'll try to get up the HTML in the next day or two. Thanks for notifying me.

Brandon Anderson

Sandeep, I added the missing HTML so you can see how the list structure should be set up for the expand/collapse. Good luck.

David Wallach

Are you planning a 2010 version?

Brandon Anderson

Hi, David. This script is not specific to any version of SharePoint or to SharePoint at all. It can be used in SP2007 or SP2010, or it can be used on a static HTML page. Have fun with it!


Nifty idea - could potentially add some pizzazz to a static HTML page. Could you include the CSS used for the menu as well?

Brandon Anderson

Jacob, I updated the post to include the CSS and the images.

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